Wind Herman
Herman Angin
L. Herman        ALIAS CHRONOLOGY         E. Herman
Colour Yellow Scheme
Element Wind
Personality Happiness
Potential Cyclone Herman

Wind Herman is one of the Herman's aliases. The position of his hat is side-ward and facing to the left. His colour is Yellow schemed Varcity, Like Lightning Herman he is also wearing a maroon blouse and maroon pants. His varsity is fully closed.

He appear in Episode 2 where he reverse the missile shoot by Super Katal. In episode 3, He had a date with Milky for defeating Wolfie together with the other aliases. He has a ability to transform into an upgrade version.


  • Flow wind cyclone
  • Wind gravity
  • Hurricane uppercut
  • Tornado walker
  • Tornado attack
  • Gentle breath
  • Jewelpet Combo
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