Thunderbolt Herman
Herman Halilintar
Earthquake Herman    POTENTIAL CHRONOLOGY      C. Herman
Previous version Lightning Herman
Personality Angry but still helpful and always focus on fight
Element Upgraded red lightning

Thunderbolt Herman was firstly reveal when Prince Ryan and General Katal turture Lightning Herman, but he was defeated by Cyclone Herman. This potential has features too, like he has a longer but red lightning sword called Thunder blade, he can also move like a lightning.


Thunder blade - This is his main weapon.

Lightning movement - He use this to move 60% faster than Lollip.

Glowing lightning - He use this to shine the place making his foe to confuse and giving him a chance to defeat him/her like he did to Earth Herman and Wind Herman.

Super lightning struck - This is his main attack like he did to Cyclone Herman, but he failed.

Thunder shield - This one is use when the CatDog attack him.

Raining Lightning - This one is use in Royale Battle fighting against Puto

Mega Thunder blade - This is giant weapon require a Giga to hold it.

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