What is Wiki Law?

Most of the Wikies declared Wiki law, Like in Boboiboy, Jewelpet and many more. These Wikies have their own law to remind to all editors that only edit and add info that is relate and match on it's series or whatever. Jewelpet Candado Wiki is one of the Wiki in Wikia that have a Wiki Law.

What are the Laws and Rule

Most of the Wiki tells in their regulation not to edit something from your stupid head. This wiki allowed you to edit any page except the home page and this page. We don't allow vandalism in this wiki or else you'll get block from editing in this wiki. We can also report your bad edits to Wikia to disable your account and not allowing you to go to again.

  • Contributors allow to edit characters, episodes and other page in this wiki. They are allow to put some missing imformation to a page.
  • Contributors doesn't allow here is to create a page, upload a image to this wiki. We will delete all the pages that the admin didn't made.
  • A contributor who is warn not to edit wrong info and keep editing wrong, will be banned to this wiki. We can also report wrong edits to banned a contributors from visiting the wikia website even he/she visit this wiki with another device also restricted him/her from visiting not just this wiki but the Wikia.
  • Blocking some contributes may sometimes temporary and sometimes permanent depend how many offence on a bad edit.

How many offence is based on this wiki?

In this wiki we allow 4 as maximum times of offence. Like if a contributors edit wrong and he/she do this more than 4 she can be blocked forever. Use another device? Not gonna work. No matter in what device you can go, mobile or desktop. You are restricted from this wiki. Make another account. We can report your account and banned you from going to this website.

First offense - 1 Week blocked

Second offense - 1 month blocked

Third offense - 6 months blocked

Forth offense - Forever blocked.