Prince Riano De Cadenas II
Prince Ryan
Lifun ---- CHARACTER CHRONOLOGY  ----     General Katal
Occupation Old prince of Candadia and General Katal's boss
First Appearance Episode 1

McRamiria , Candadia

Servant General Katal and Computer Candada

Prince Ryan is the main Prince of Candadia, He was elected 30,000 Earth years ago (300 Candado years). He was remove as a Prince 5,000 Earth years ago (6 Candado months) because of his corrupted be instead of punishing him, He was trusted to find the planet where Jewelpet currently located. But Prince Ryan has a secret angriness to his own fatherKing Ramir for removing him as a prince. Together with General Katal and Computer Candada they will find all the Jewelpet. Now all of them are in Solar System where The series begins. The most trusted weapon on his ship is Rossa, The Jewelpet can give powers. Rossa worth 60,000 Candado peso (PHP 60,000,000,000,000,000).

Parts of body of a padlock

Padlocks use padlock as their head, They use 2 keys for both Arm and 2 keys for both legs.


Episode 1 - He was in the sleeping storage where he sleeps for many thousand years in his spaceship, Now he when wake up they are looking for the Jewelpet. They landed to Earth and he tried to stop Herman from escaping with Rossa but he failed.

Episode 2 - He control General Katal to become Super Katal to attack his friends but he failed again.

Episode 3 - He caught General Katal while he is singing but he likes the song.

Episode 4 - He created a Myrna Monster to attack Herman, but in the end of the episode he failed as usual because Myrna Monster become so small.

Episode 5 - He commanded General Katal to open the door but they trapped because of the Lightning bolt hanging in the Door numb.



Episode 8 - He decided to attack Herman again in the newer way, scene he knows more about Herman that mistakenly told by Anby, He decided to kidnap Lightning Herman to torture him if Herman will not tell how he can go to Jewel Land to get all the Jewelpet.

Episode 9 - He told to Thunderbolt Herman to attack his friends but in the end he lose.

Episode 10 - Prince Ryan and General Katal visited Herman on his birthday where he show the Pony 3000 that can destroy everything but Prince Ryan failed to defeat Herman.

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

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