Memory deletion is a kinda bad effect on Herman when he use his power with a wrong way. The biggest example is splitting into 3 and be more than 10 kilometres far from each for a long time, So since Herman is a one person and one Jewelpet, His memory start running way from his mind. The effect has 1 fail happened and 2 Successful happened.


First time - Wind Herman got separate from the 2 of his aliases, why? He had a date with Milky. If this one was become a successful event, probably Cyclone Herman will appear before Thunderbolt Herman. Oh shit... The creator should made this become true, what a son of a bitch.

Second time - The second time was successful, from Herman who split into 3 to Lightning Herman is the far most alias, the result is Earth Herman and Wind Herman fight themselves. Prince Ryan was torturing Lightning Herman in the same time so this is where Thunderbolt Herman appear and fuck General Katal, but now he is now programmed to fuck his friends. As you read here, FUCK YOU.

Third time - The third was the same as the second with a different fucking story. Herman split into three because Rossa need Herman to clean his café and Charotte needs Herman to help him baked cookies in the same time that is the reason why Wind Herman is the far most alias in the episode. But the effect got worst when Wind Herman ate Charotte's cookies with Prince Ryan's fake milk that actually Charotte and Herman don't know that was a fake milk. 1 hour later Wind Herman become Cyclone Herman Bitch.

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