Anby     ----    CHARACTER CHRONOLOGY   ----    Lifun
Japanese Name ロッリポ Rorripo
Power Time Manipulation (Episode 28) Superhuman Speed (Episode 1 to 27)
Weakness Putting Pepper near to her nose
Appearance Episode 1
Gender Female
Likes Managing the Strawberry Café, Having sex with her own brother (Herman)
Birthday Somewhere in the calendar
Hates Candadians
Occupation Co-Owner of Herman's cocoa Café
Friends Anby, Rossa, Lifun and Herman

Cainta, Philippines

Foes Prince Ryan and General Katal
Favourite food Herman's cocoa
General Sweetspet Info
Sweetspet power None
Sweets Lollipop
Magical Level Glass Level
Magical Eye Colour Magical Red
Species Rabbit

Lollip is Herman's sister. She act like a older sister to Herman. She is the owner of the Strawberry Café  also runs as a weitress in her own cafe. She can run fast. Anyone so hardly. She is a good friend of Anby.


Lollip and Herman are in sibling relationship but it was not explain in the series, so the characters like Rossa wont be disapointed on Herman. But in Episode 17, Lollip was revealed herself as a lesbian and she loves Anby.


Episode 1 - She was waiting in NAIA for the airplane where Herman is riding. Lollip meet her brother Herman after 14 years without meeting. Lollip let Herman sleep in his room because she made that house 5 years ago with one bedroom. Lollip made a café for Herman that it is better if both of them has a duty to do everyday of their life.

Episode 2 - She was given the power of Superhuman speed where she use it to the fight where she confuse the missile to attack at the end the missile attack its own boss, Prince Ryan and General Katal.



Episode 5 - She appear inside a jail in Prince Ryan's spaceship with Anby's Chinese family, Rossa and Charotte.

Episode 6 - She go with Herman on a European trip in Paris, Rome and London. They are suppose to go to Russia too, but time is up it's time for them to go back.

Episode 7 - He met Boboiboy and his friends, where Herman told them that before Herman meet Lollip, Herman is Yaya's pet and he is one of Boboiboy.

Episode 8 - She is one of the Jewelpet who attack by Prince Ryan in this episode.

Episode 9 - Thunderbolt Herman was about to attack her when forcing him how to go to Jewel Land, but it was stop by Earth Herman and Wind Herman.

Episode 10 - as cameo

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

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