Jewelpet Candado
Jewelpet Candado

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Jewelpet Happiness  ----   SERIES CHRONOLOGY   ----   Boboiboy
Episodes 52 Episodes
Main Character Herman(へるまん)
Director Khristian Alcantara (アルカンタラキリスちゃん)
Producer Rossa (ローサ)
Music Kris (栗須)
Studio Jewelpet Co. Ltd. (ジュエルペット子リッギオ)
Original Run August 3, 2013 to Who cares, I just want to watch it
Network TV Jewelpet (2014)

Jewelpet Candado  is also the third sub-arc as they treat this series. Jewelpet Candado is not an anime or cartoons. This is a clip used pictures to make the show. The length of the shows is depend how many music can be supported. Jewelpet Candado is also playing few music on it's shows while the series is also playing due the characters cannot talk in the series, but instead they are given some speech balloon so the audience can understand the show.


The story is about a new Jewelpet visit the world of Jewelpet. One of the new Jewelpet are Lifun, Anby and Herman. Herman is the main Protagonist of the show, instead using Ruby. Herman was given some powers from Rossa and promises that he will save Jewel Land and Earth from evils. Yes, all of them become true when Prince Ryan arrive on Earth. Now its up to the main Protagonist to save their homeland.

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