Peridot's account is a special website excusively for Jewelpet and Sweetspet. This is where Jewelpet get online when they bored. Like Facebook, This is a social networking site in Jewel Land. The founder of this website is unknown but it is famous in Jewel Land. Website: and for Peridot's account is



  • Photo uploading (Limited for 10 MB)
  • Video uploading (Limited for 2 hours length and 4 GB)
  • Audio uploading (Limited for 30 minutes and 1 GB)
  • Wiki and Channel making.
  • Page and Group making.

Managing your account

  • Profile Pic
  • Profile Cover
  • Header
  • Background changing
  • Theme changing
  • Information changing

Known Users

  1. Herman (Online)
  2. Peridot (Online via Jewel Pod)
  3. Garnet (Offline)
  4. Milky (Online via TV)
  5. Yuku (Offline)
  6. Nix (Online)
  7. Titana (Online via Skype)
  8. Jasper (Offline)
  9. Alex (Alex via Jewel Pod)
  10. Angela (Offline)
  11. Labra (Offline)
  12. Ruby (Online via TV)
  13. Sapphie (Offline)
  14. Ryl (Online via Jewel Pod)
  15. Luna (Offline)
  16. Coal (Coal via Skype)
  17. Granite (Online via Jewel Pod)

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