Herman's Cocoa Café
Manager Herman
Founder Lollip
Main product Fresh Hot Cocoa
Location Brgy. San Juan, Cainta, Rizal

Herman's Cocoa Café is very famous among the people around Cainta and they come here to drink Hot Cocoa that made by Herman. Most of the people who drink are Chocolate lovers and sweets lovers.



  • Anby - Café guider, she is the one who tell to the costumer about the cafe and what they serves.
  • Rossa - Cashier - She is the one who takes the money from paying costumers.
  • Lollip - She is the founder of the cafe but she run as the waitress of the cafe.
  • Herman - He is the manager of the cafe but he also run as the cocoa maker and all of them are cleaners of the café.
  • Lifun he run as the dishwasher at the cafe.


  1. 4 main chairs (Nearest chairs from Herman's location)
  2. 20 Tables and Chairs (Surrounds the front of the cafe)
  3. Telecafé (A TV is set at the café)
  4. Clock
  5. Menu books
  6. Trailers (Where they use it instead lifting the food with they tray to the costumer)
Foods and drinks Price (Jewelpet pound £)
Hot Cocoa (with toppings) £ 1.50
Hot Fresh Cocoa (Just Cocoa and Hot water with toppings) £ 1.00

Chocolate Eclair

£ 1.00
Chocolate Macaron (20 piece per pack) £ 2.00
Ice Chocolate £ 2.00
Cocoa Float (with Coca-Cola)

£ 2.50

Cocoa with saliva FREE
Hot Choco hotcake £ 0.25
Chocolate Cake (Whole) £ 12.00
Chocolate Cake (1 Slice) £ 1.00
Chocolate rolls £ 0.75
Chocolate rolls (with Cinnamon) £ 1.00
Chocolate Wafar (1 pack with 100 pieces) £ 3.00
White Chocolate Bar (Small) £ 0.01
White Chocolate Bar (Medium) £ 0.10
White Chocolate Bar (Large) £ 0.50
White Chocolate Bar (X-Large)  £ 1.00
Chocolate Cupcake £ 1.10
Hot Chocolate (Diet) £ 1.25
Cocoa Cans (1 case) £ 10.00
Cocoa Can (1 can) £ 3.00
Chocolate Statue £ 30.00
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