Gen. Katal De Salsalero
General Katal
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Occupation General of Candadia and Prince Ryan's slave
First appearance Episode 1
Location McRamiria, Candadia
Gender Female

General Katal is one of the Candadians brought by Prince Ryan. He was trusted to be the General and the great leader of the Military System in Candadia. But he become a enemy of King Ramir for blaming him as a betrayer. King Ramir.


Episode 1 - He was commanded to get the cocoa from Herman's Cocoa Café.

Episode 2 - He transformed into his true potential, Super Katal and attack Herman and his friends but he was defeated by Lightning Herman in the end.

Episode 3 - He was caught by Prince Ryan while singing.

Episode 4 - He was commanded to kidnap Rin and ask her to distract Herman to go to the Myrna Monster.

Episode 5 - He about to open the door in Prince Ryan's spaceship, but he was shocked because the door numb has Lightning Bolt from Herman and they are trapped.



Episode 8 - He attack all of them but after he defeated, He rise and steal Lightning Herman away from the other aliases.

Episode 9 - as cameo

Episode 10 - as cameo

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

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