Herman's lost of memory~dado
Jewelpet Candado Episode 8 - Herman's Lost of Memory~dado

Jewelpet Candado Episode 8 - Herman's Lost of Memory~dado

Episode 7               EPISODE CHRONOLOGY                 Episode 9
Directed by 

Khristian Alcantara

Writer Rossa and Herman
Genre A character lost his memory but given a new power

After Petai and Boboiboy fight as in Episode 7, Herman fix Lollip's house by casting a magic spell. The house was successfully fix making Anby more in love with Herman. 11:00pm - Herman and Rossa want to sleep in one bed that make Rossa relax and have a good sleep. After that 4:00 am of the morning, Lollip wake up Herman, but when Lollip yell for help, Herman thought it was a serious emergancy and he split himself into 3, Lollip said it is not serious. Lollip just want Herman to deliver 3 boxes of cake on Prase's house, Luna's moon and to Jasper's vuilding.

Herman and Rossa is one their way to deliver the cakes, like Herman said, since it is 3 different location, Herman split himself into 3. Rossa said he can't do that since the Memory deletion effect three times in the series... Herman said these location is not so far but he was wrong. Later when Herman back to home with Rossa, Herman started to forget names and a KA-BOOM happens where it is from Prince Ryan and General Katal who bombed Lollip's house when they bomb on Herman, Herman was proud on Prince Ryan because of the look and the size of Super Katal. But Herman ask him about the planet where Candadians came from, who is Prince Ryan? Him or you and who is Prince Ryan's father, which it is mention as King Ramir.

Prince Ryan got angry and force Super Katal to destroy him, suddenly Herman disappeared and appear at the shoulder of Super Katal. He said "I may have lost my memory, but it doesn't mean I forgot that I'm a hero" Herman split himself into three again which Rossa warn him not do it or the Memory deletion will get worst. Then Herman turned into 3, Lightning Herman accidently project Lightning padlocks where it is suppose to be LIghtning bolt. Then Earth Herman project a hole behind them and blow them under the hole. While Prince Ryan and Super Katal is on underground, Prince Ryan plan to use Herman's weakness and now they appear again and stole Lightning Herman. Later, Lightning Herman awake and he said "Ulo" "Amag" which he accidently said that instead of "Prince Ryan" Lightning Herman can't project a lightning bolt he starting to get lost of his focus on his power. Prince Ryan lead him to the torture Room which General Katal turn it into a Party room for celebrating their accomplishment against Herman, The room has a sign said "Happy Yipee Yehay" which Prince Ryan got angry.

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