The visit of Boboiboy~dado
Jewelpet Candado Episode 7 - The visit of Boboiboy~dado

Jewelpet Candado Episode 7 - The visit of Boboiboy~dado

Episode 6                 EPISODE CHRONOLOGY               Episode 8
Directed by

Khristian Alcantara

Writer Boboiboy
Genre Visiting and Boboiboy

Kaiya is now in Israel to continue her mission to capture Sango, But later in a mosque, she ask Prase where is Sango, then Sango appear after Prase leave the mosque. Kaiya failed capturing Sango when he spilled in the banana... Later Boboiboy is at the Boboiboy truck to carry the characters, but didn't they mention that Ejojo, Petai, Probe and Adudu are following them. Meanwhile at Lollip's house. Herman and Rossa was looking for Herman's new power, Herman want to know Herman's three potential, saidly Rossa said they have to focus on one potential.

Suddenly after Rossa leaves, Anby appear and ask Herman to hangout on her house. Then Anby start kissing Herman while she get her pussy near to Herman's cock. Herman also kiss Anby, I think Herman also in love with Anby without Rossa noticing, Boboiboy and Gopal caught Herman kissing Anby by French kiss. Ying also appear, Lollip ask Herman who are these people. Actually these Boboiboy characters are Herman's guardians before the series started. Herman was so happy when he saw Yaya, since Yaya is the pet owner of Herman... Herman said that he is Yaya's pet. In the plot episode where it was reveal when how Yaya meet Herman. Petai and Ejojo made it to Lollip's house and KA-BOOM!!! it.

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