Aidez de Septiembre
Jewelpet Candado Episode 6 - Aidez de Septiembre~dado

Jewelpet Candado Episode 6 - Aidez de Septiembre~dado

Episode 5                  EPISODE CHRONOLOGY                  Episode 7
Directed by Khristian Alcantara
Writer Herman
Genre Travel and Action

September 7 is Herman actually the day where Herman and his friends will travel in Europe, Their first destination is Paris, France where they so the Eiffel Tower and the restaurant where rat cooks, they also saw Macaron 4 bringing free macarons and Herman take 4 boxes, now Herman and his friends is going to Rome where he challenge himself to win in a combat battle against Aokishi Gay Knight, In Italy they say Aokishi Gay Knight is undefeatable until Herman defeat him in the battle so Aokishi decided to be a gay, but Garnet challenge Herman to fight Mecha Garnet which after that Herman still win with mysterously appear Thunderbolt Herman at this episode, after that the last destination is London where they walk and tour the London, but one time Rossa said to Herman that Rossa loves him and until the lips to lips happened Anby got jealous on Herman and Rossa and turned into giant, since she also love Herman at the first place, Herman decided to be a giant too to make Anby back to normal again, after that English soldiers call Herman and his friend to talk to Queen Alberto II, But they are not punish for the damages Anby did, so they are free to go home. Another Agent Kaiya appear.

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