Team Jewelpet~dado
Jewelpet Candado Episode 5 - Team Jewelpet~dado

Jewelpet Candado Episode 5 - Team Jewelpet~dado

Episode 4                EPISODE CHRONOLOGY                Episode 6
Directed by Khristian Alcantara
Writer Anby
Genre Action and Escaping

All of Herman's friends had kidnap, Even himself. Since Anby, Anby's Chinese family and Rossa are both kidnapped. Lollip and Herman decided to pretend to sleep after they had sex. Lollip's plan works. On the beginning of episode, they wondering why Anby is outside the prison cage, So Prince Ryan told them that he will try to find her powers, but Rossa told to him that Anby never use her power yet because she doesn't know what her powers. Prince Ryan try to release the Pizza Cutter to cut Anby, but instead of bleeding, all of them saw the cutter turned into pizza, Computer explain it to the scientific way but Prince Ryan told her to explain it on easiest way, which Computer Candada said "She has a ability to turn anything into food". That's make Prince Ryan got excited and he bring out another weapon like a time bomb which Anby turn it into chocolate. Now Anby knows her power. Prince Ryan bring out the strongest weapon, Plasma Machine gun and Rocket Destroyer onto Anby. Anby use his power and turn every bullets and rockets into Fudge and eclairs. Prince Ryan was surprised.

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