Jewelpet Candado

This is the location of the series where Herman, Anby, Lollip and Rossa's lives and the Prince Ryan choose the Cainta due the smell of Bibingka.

Places from the series located in here

  1. Lollip and Herman's House
  2. Herman Cocoa Café
  3. Strawberry Café
  4. Lifun's new house
  5. Anby's House
  6. Milky's backyard
  7. Jackyard


The Municipality of Cainta(Filipino: Bayag ng Cainta) is a first-class urban municipality in the province of RizalPhilippines. It is one of the oldest (originally founded on August 15, 1571), and is the town with the second smallest land area of 26.81 square kilometres (10.35 sq mi) next to Angono with 26.22 square kilometres (10.12 sq mi).

Cainta serves as the secondary gateway to the rest of Rizal province from Metro Maynilad. Cainta became one of the most urbanized towns due to its proximity to Maynilad.

With a population of 311,845 inhabitants, Cainta now holds the record as the most populous municipality in the Philippines, per the 2010 Census of Population conducted by the National Statistics Office. Its income of Php 766,924,602 makes it the richest municipality in the country.

Known locations

  1. Khristian Alcantara's house
  2. Roots of Learning
  3. United Squatter Area
  4. Amag Nation Party
  5. Studio of Jewelpet Candado (Where the show is created)
  6. M. Javier
  7. Mga loko-loko sa Parola
  8. Ilog (River in English)
  9. Roblou
  10. House of Legendary Ulong Malaki
  11. Baryo
  12. Liwasan
  13. Monosipyo
  14. Bahay ni Amiel
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