The company receive a fan mail wish.

Dear Jewelpet, I know it's to early to know what in the fuck gonna happens in Episode 52, Since the series has 2 normal antagonist and 3 hard antagonist, so since it's three... Queen Marietta probably will pay back. You fan, Razak Muhammad Allah sucks Al-singh

So many the company likes Razak Muhammad Allah sucks Al-singh's letter that made the company give an idea to make a new season next year.

The company will confirm it, The second series not really sure gonna make it. But with the help of the 3 national presidents. Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama and P-Noy they will make sure the second season will make it. The first season was actually named "Our beginning" Since this is the first season.

To see it is to believe it, Go to Jewelpet Candado: The second adventure